The knight and the fairy

A split second of understanding, the feeling that we are connected and go through the same struggles, that our memories are shaped so differently yet in a similar way – connections. When two waves are dancing together for a short time, amplifying each other, just to split up again to go on their own routes – that’s what it’s like: meeting someone new.

We are temporary arrangements, all aiming for the same things.

Hang Massive – The Secret Kissing of the Sun and Moon

Flow and tradition

Today was our last full day with my mom in Berlin this year. We finished the day with the Hang Massive concert at Astra. We have collected nice memories together again. Zwei Bären in der Großstadt.

It’s interesting how the same experiences can have two completely different understandings. It was great to have her here. I’m already looking forward for the next time.

Hang Massive & Victoria Grebezs – Happy to Be Me