One night

I only sleep once more before I start my 100 km hike around Berlin tomorrow afternoon. I’m proud, nervous, excited and happy at the same time. Challenge accepted.

Berlin, we’ll get to know each other even better tomorrow. See you on the road.

The Piano Guys – Berlin (Original Song For 12 Cellos And a Kick Drum)

Let’s take a walk

I have set myself up for the biggest physical challenge I ever attempted to do: I will walk 100 km within 24 hours from Saturday to Sunday. Mega Marsch Berlin is happening in 2 days, and I still hardly can believe we are doing this. A dear friend is on his way from Hungary so we can participate together and challenge ourselves. Unbelievable!

I am super excited to see how my body will react, what thoughts and struggles I’ll experience, if and how will I be able to overcome my limits, and in general, to learn about my own physical boundaries.

I feel super lucky to have friends like Tibor, who is going to walk with me, and all my friends and family who already support me with encouraging thoughts, handshakes, messages and acts of kindness.

This weekend will be a crazy one.
Berlin, I’ll get to know you from a whole new perspective. I hardly can wait.

Bin Jip – No Way Boy

Count down

Time is running. It’s almost been 4 years since I moved to Berlin. I am almost 34. I am almost before a big change. It is almost weekend, when I’ll attempt to walk 100 kms in 24 hours.

I am almost asleep, while all the things that I was planning to arrange or still need to arrange swirl around in my head.

Good night.

Blur – Song 2

Special day

Today marks our 8th year anniversary with Báró. He is a whole different dog now, and I am, as his “owner”, a whole different person. In spite of all difficulties, I love him so much it’s hard to describe.

He’s compatible with Cafes, cars, trains, planes, buses, boats, trams, open air concerts, office work, long walks along the river, running by the sea, hiking in the hills and sleeping on the couch watching the worst shows on TV. He has the biggest heart and manages to hide it well. He is a “cat dog” and a hunter. A little trouble maker.
Kutyuskám, you are the best thing! 

PS: He’s the perfect example for how it’s awesome to adopt instead of supporting a breeder. Thank you, Futrinka Egyesület Tacskó Fajtamentés – Dachshund Rescue Hungary for connecting us. If you consider having a dog, please adopt and don’t buy. There are plenty of Bárós out there, looking for a forever loving home.

Lady And The Tramp – Bella Notte

Citizen of the Planet

We are all astronauts in this space ship called Earth. We are temporary arrangements. Nothing belongs to us and we are not here to take everything.

Sometimes the best you can do is stepping up for your beliefs. Those who don’t understand will accuse you of being naive or childish. But it doesn’t matter. You are governing your own moral and where you draw your own borders. Trespassers should adjust or leave.

It’s ok if we don’t think alike. Not accepting to disagree or judging is not. But sometimes, it is not worth to even start a fight.

I stood up today for what I believe in. For what’s important for me. What I think is right. Surprisingly, it was a way less awkward moment than how proud it made me feel.

I governed my temporary arrangement and plan to do so in the future as well. Who we share our time with matters. Choose the positive ones, for your time is limited. We are temporary arrangements. Let’s align neatly.

Leifur James – Wurlitzer

Ode to Joy

I heard Beethoven’s 9th Symphony live at the Brandenburger Tor tonight, by the Berliner Philharmoniker. Such a perfect summer night! ❤

I ❤ Berlin!

Berliner Philharmoniker – Beethoven: Symphony No. 9



Paradise can be as simple as a trick you always fall for or an evening alone in a tidy home.

I found Coco Rosie on my playlists tonight. They play in Berlin tomorrow.
Now that I’m listening to them again, this reminded me of a summer night in Budapest with fountains, excitement and an almost kiss.

I love how music is tied to my memories.

Coco Rosie – Fairy Paradise