Bierfest Berlin

Beer is not really my thing, however, I still ended up at a beer festival today. I’m glad I have friends who take me out of my comfort zone. I witnessed the most German thing I have so far: Schlager being sung on top of beer tables in front of a slightly drunk crowd of “red necks of Marzahn” – as a friend of mine commented.

It was fun. We tried Hanfbier and enjoyed the local renditions of several evergreen hits – like this one from “Johannes Bargeld”. 🙂

Berlin im Sommer ist wunderbar. ❤

Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues

Ready, steady…

I am preparing for my longest hike so far. Finally, I purchased the last few missing parts for my clothing for the week on the West Highland Way. It feels like a weight is off of my shoulders, but on the other hand, I feel more and more excited. A little more than a week and one half marathon away: Scotland, I am coming.

Johnny Cash – I Walk the Line