Trip ahead

This time tomorrow, we will be on the road. T-1, Hungary, we’re coming!

Donovan – The Trip

Stuck in a moment

Today was a lazy day. I got stuck in the moment in the morning. It was a perfect morning.

Donovan – Happiness Runs


I have rearranged the greens in the apartment. Gave a few plants to friends, so I have space for everything from the balcony. I managed to tidy the apartment a little, and it feels good.

I was about to listen to some music and found this version of one of my all time favourite songs. I love how new memories are bound to it every time I listen to this song. Tonight,  I am thinking about some of the nicest mornings when I was listening to this song.

Donovan – Colours

Song for a lazy morning

Today, we have sparkling sunshine in Berlin. This is one of the mornings, when you are sipping your coffee slowly listening to the chirping of the birds.

My all time favorite, Donovan fits perfectly to the mood.
Have a wonderful day!

Donovan – Sunshine Superman