Even though I had an exhausting day at the office today, my colleagues reminded me how it feels to be home. I love my friends so much! They are the spices in my life. The secret ingredients that make me feel home, understood, supported. With them, even a tiring day is better.

RY X – Salt / Deliverance

Sign out

Having a long weekend with such a nice weather is a great opportunity to sign out of the everyday rush and enjoy the little things. I was walking around in the city on my own today, walking across Flohmarkts, talking to strangers, reading a book in the park, enjoying ice cream watching the crowd. My dog was my only company. It was perfect.

I managed to finally detach, not worry about things – let it be past or future. I found some nice memories, I re-evaluated chances, made tiny steps and actively did nothing.

I managed to relax.
I am so glad that tomorrow will be another nice day like this. I really needed this break.

RY X – Body Sun