One can never know when a conversation becomes important. Some of the most interesting learnings from the past few months were right in front of me, or were offered to me on a plate, however, I was not ready to hear them. Then all of a sudden, when weeks after something else happened, they became chrystal clear.

I am glad to have friends who keep me wondering. Change is invisible sometimes.

Camille – Seeds

Float like a feather

I used to go swimming with a friend of mine regularly a long time ago. I swim like an old granny – with my head out of the water, super slow -, however, I still enjoyed those trainings. The best part was just simply floating in the water, once I completed the planned distance.

Floating and free falling are somewhat similar. The dimension of weight ceases to exist, you are free and carefree.

That’s exactly the feeling you miss, when you have a headache.
I am still looking for a solution, how to experience this floating/free falling effect.

Camille – Lasso