I find it interesting how our reality, memory and imagination work together. Depending on how alert you are, you only acknowledge a part of reality and this part becomes your reality then, that can be replayed, processed or unprocessed. Once a memory is triggered, you can feel the same way, or you can feel completely the opposite way, depending on whether the memory is a nice one, if you still cherish it, or if your life has turned upside down since then.

I tend to have all sorts of flash backs. Some trigger a whole new phantasy, or bring a nice memory back, only for a split of a second. Some of them visit me as nightmares.

Fortunately, the Imaginarium of my mind, with all the good memories is dominant over the few bad ones that haunt me. I like to take comfort in all the possibilities they present. Daydreaming is a gift.

Air – La Femme d’Argent